Why I Became Vegan


As many of you know, I have been vegetarian for 27 years. At various times, I have eliminated milk products and/or eggs from my diet but have resumed eating them due to the social difficulty caused by my diet. My conscience has gnawed on me to give them up, but I have allowed convenience, for… 

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Triangle Pose – Trikonasana


Triangle Pose – Trikonasana [TREE-kon-asana] Performing the Asana To begin from standing, turn sideways on the mat and separate the feet wide apart to the side. Ideally, the ankles should be under the wrists; however, it is not necessary for the beginner to assume the ideal alignment at first. The width of the feet will depend on… 

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Cobra Pose – Bujanghasana


Cobra Pose – Bujanghasana [bu- jahn-GHAS-ana] Performing the Asana Bujanghasana is a very versatile, supine backward bend in yoga that can be performed by beginners and adepts alike. For the novice, it is performed in a gentle and very controlled manner, using mainly the muscles of the upper back to support the pose, with some… 

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20 Simple Changes to Improve Your Diet


Begin your day with warm water and lemon juice. This stimulates peristalsis and signals the liver to release bile and detoxify. A clean colon and a clean liver are two of the most important keys to health and a healthy appearance. [1] Don’t eat until you are hungry. When you get up on the morning,… 

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The Definition of Yoga According to Patanjali


It seems to me that the appropriate place to start a yoga blog is with a definition of yoga. I have taken some verses from Swami Satchidananda’s translation of The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali below. BOOK I—THE PORTION ON CONTEMPLATION 2.   The restraint of the modifications of the mind-stuff is Yoga. 5.   There… 

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Don’t Be Afraid to Look Inside


Before I got married and got a mortgage, every time I looked up my bank account, my heart would beat faster, and I’d practically break out in a sweat.  In my mind, I would try to underestimate what I thought I’d find in my account, but, deep down, I was afraid I’d find it empty… 

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