About April Bond and The Inner Wellspring

_MG_9921_Edit2April Bond is a certified Integral Yoga teacher, certified wellness coach, and certified personal fitness chef. She also has a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Writing and an M.A. in English. She has taught English and yoga classes, and has worked as a ballet dancer, a book editor, and a ghost writer and currently enjoys writing about yoga, diet, and ethics. As her friends will attest, April is the person who brings the kale salad and raw blueberry-cream bars to the summer barbecue and the girl who only stops talking about delicious food and improved nutrition long enough to discuss ethics, yoga, and politics. Though she is a gypsy at heart, she currently lives in Denver, Colorado, with her bookworm husband and two affectionate cats.

Inner Wellspring was created based on April’s passionate belief that radiant health can be achieved simply by feeding the body, mind, and spirit what they need to thrive and eliminating those habits and toxins that contribute to anxiety, apathy, dis-ease, and decay, in combination with her firm conviction that this can be accomplished while still enjoying delicious foods and a healthy and rewarding social and professional life. With many years of education and training in yoga and nutrition, she focuses on awareness as the oracle of change and improvements in lifestyle in general and diet in particular as the primary avenues to holistic wellbeing. As a wellness coach, personal chef and yoga instructor, April is able to offer cooking classes, yoga classes, meditation classes and more to encourage and support complete wellbeing through Inner Wellspring. This website addresses a variety of topics, from yoga asana and ethics to achieving fitness goals, in addition to providing recipes for a variety of specialized vegetarian diets, including vegan, raw, and gluten-free options.